Mykonos – A rich gastronomic experience in Greece

Dining within the narrow off-white streets of Mykonos Town, tasting Mediterranean flavours at traditional taverns overlooking the harbour, or even having upscale gastronomic experiences  the food in Mykonos is sure to please every palate.

The Mediterranean dishes are world-known famous for their rich flavours, fresh vegetables, and seafood dishes that along with their generous use of olive oil, offer multiple health benefits that make Mediterranean people enjoy long and healthy lives.

Mykonos has a few delicious and locally produced foods that every food lover should try. The most remarkable of these are louza, a traditional cold cut made of pork meat and herbs, Kopanisti, a very spicy local cheese, and Ksinotira, a popular local appetizer.

However, one thing is for sure; your gastronomic experience in this lovely Mediterranean island cannot complete without tasting the fleshiest fish! The seafood in Mykonos is daily brought to the seaside bars and eateries by fishermen who go to sea before the sunrise. You will find exceptional seafood  to eat in Mykonos such as fresh fish, salmon, prawns, calamari and lobsters.

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