Cooking with local ingredients

As part of our never ending efforts for a sustainable present and future, we pride ourselves for using locally grown products such as vegetables, cheese and delicacies. Thanks to our 25+ years of experience we have created strong , family-like , bonds with our suppliers which gives us and ultimately you , our guests, the possibility to have a taste of our birthplace.

It is not an easy process. The Mykonian terrain, as hospitable as it can be for its guests, it can equally be as difficult for its cultivators.
But that’s the beauty of it. When you taste our kopanisti spread cheese you immediately feel its harshness in your mouth.
The beloved ksinotiro cheese blending beautifully with wild grown arugula leaves and louza ( smoked pork ) slices. A delicacy that hasn’t changed its production method for hundreds of years. Lean pork meat, thyme, oregano and you let it dry in the wind for a minimum of 40 days.

But the beauty of the Cyclades doesn’t stay only on the beaches and the white washed houses. It’s the people as well. And we help each other , as our grandparents did.
The near by islands of Tinos and Naxos with their fertile terrains , are a massive help to our efforts, with their locally grown agricultural products.

Potatoes , aubergines, zucchini, tomatoes, all of them grown within an hours distance and brought to your table straight from the farm . Unbeatable natural flavors and a process which also creates a strong local economy and prospects for the future generations.

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