Herbs. We grow about 90% of the Herbs that we use in our kitchen .
Herbs like basil,oregano, thyme,mint, rosemary , can be seen in pots all over the restaurant and in our micro-green garden.
Nothing compares to the aromas and the freshness of freshly cut Herbs.
Filled with antioxidants as well , they are the perfect supplement to a healthy diet

We love to use local products as much as possible. From Kopanisti and Louza to Ksinotiro and Anthotiro cheese, from the local cheese and dairy artisanal facility .

Barley and carob rusks, kneaded with extra virgin olive oil, from old stone-made ovens .

Following our farm to table practice we get most of our salad greens and vegetables from our partner and friend Adonis , coming from the neighboring island of Tinos, where he visits us twice a week, bringing us,directly from his fields , the best this lands have to offer
This is our way of promoting sustainability and helping local economies.

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